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Monday, August 12, 2013

Re-tweet Week

Marketing genius that I am, I’ve decided to troll Twitter for “re-tweets” from celebrities this week. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of Twitter, well, let me first congratulate you. And you should know that a re-tweet—as I type, it dawns on me that this is abundantly obvious—is when someone shares your tweet with their followers. The idea, of course, is that I could get the word out about my book to the millions of people “following” a celebrity if just one of them actually re-tweets my message.

So, I just tweeted the following to the queen of daytime TV, Ellen DeGeneres:
@TheEllenShow A RT for I'm Not Here to Inspire You positive/realistic look at living w/ a phys disability #INHTIY

Nothing like starting at the top, eh? Actually, I started with Ellen because my goal is to get on her upcoming 11th season. I’ll have more on that campaign soon.

I have four more celebs in mind for Re-Tweet Week. (I figure after that it would get fairly annoying for my followers—all 76 of them!) Check this post throughout the week for updates on how it’s going and to find out who else I beg for re-tweets. If I can find them on Facebook, I’ll also ask each celebrity for a “share.”

Of course, your “re-tweets” and “shares” are very much appreciated! Or if you read the book, feel free to use the hashtag #INHTIY to share your thoughts. Sales are just starting to trickle in, so hopefully the hashtag will start getting some use soon. See the links in the menu at the top of the page to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and help spread the word about I’m Not Here to Inspire You.

Suggestions for which celebrity to ask for a re-tweet are also welcomed!

Tuesday Update:
I started with the queen of daytime TV yesterday, so I thought it only appropriate to continue Re-tweet Week with the original queen, Oprah Winfrey.
@Oprah A RT for I'm Not Here to Inspire You positive/realistic look at living w/ a phys disability #INHTIY

I also followed up with Ellen: 
@TheEllenShow u like short books right? Try I'm Not Here to Inspire You #INHTIY; tryin 2 #getonellen the show that is

Wednesday Update:
I tried tweeting a “CP brother” in Josh Blue today.
@JoshBlueComedy A RT for I'm Not Here to Inspire You positive/realistic look at living w/ a phys disability #INHTIY

On Facebook, I included the subtitle “Essays on disability from a regular guy living with cerebral palsy.” I can’t believe how many times I’ve forgotten the word living in various messages about the book. I added it to the subtitle at the last minute and have the original version stuck in my brain. Sorry . . . almost every e-mail recipient so far!

I also took the advice of a Facebook friend and e-mailed Oprah (unbelievably, complete with the above error). And I continued my #getonellen campaign by e-mailing her through the show’s website. They’re a bit stingy with the size of the e-mail that you can write, but I tried to make it work. Plus, I discovered the error in the subtitle in some of my prepared materials, so re-working the e-mail was very worthwhile!

Thursday update:
A buddy of mine “shared” the book on Facebook . . . and iUniverse shared the book via his link! I’m countin’ it as the first big success of Re-tweet Week! Yeah, yeah, I know it’s their book too, but it’s Thursday of Re-tweet Week so I’m going with it. Josh Blue also “favorited” yesterday’s tweet, so . . . ok. It’s something.

Today I went with a local Philadelphia celebrity in Pat Croce:
@pat_croce A RT for I'm Not Here to Inspire You positive/realistic look at living w/ a phys disability #INHTIY

Croce’s Facebook page doesn’t allow people to post on it—smart man—so I just went with the tweet.

And yes, I continued my campaign to get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show:
@TheEllenShow ok so I'm not a cute li'l kid BUT have cute baby pics & the book cover pic is cool  #INHTIY #getonellen

Friday update:
I wrapped up Re-tweet Week with a request to one of the first people with cerebral palsy that I ever saw on television:
@kinggimp A RT for I'm Not Here to Inspire You positive/realistic look at living w/ a phys disability #INHTIY

Remember Dan Keplinger from the King Gimp documentary?

I debated tweeting several other people simply because of the number of followers that they have, but I thought a tweet to another “CP Brother” rounded out this exercise nicely.

So far, still no actual celeb re-tweets, but friends on Facebook have been awesome with “shares.” Many thanks to all for the assistance in spreading the word! I even had my latest tweet to Ellen DeGeneres “favorited” by a random person on Twitter. I also learned #getonellen isn’t exactly a unique hashtag, which I should have realized.

If nothing else, I hope I gave people a few laughs. I’ll be doing some more of this a little more exclusively on Twitter because I think it plays a little better on that format, but I’ll keep readers updated on Facebook and the blog. My #getonellen—maybe #getRobJQonEllen—will continue in the same manner.

Of course, I’ll be rolling out new ideas to promote the book in the coming weeks and months, and ideas are more than welcome. Thanks again for the Facebook “shares!”
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