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Monday, September 23, 2013

Photos, Video from M.S. Ride detailed in the book

          This year’s M.S. Ride is fast approaching for many, including some of my friends from the Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports. I wanted to wish everyone the best of luck this coming weekend. I hope all of the cyclists have a safe and problem-free ride!

          Originally, I had planned to include some of the photos from my experience in the 2010 ride in my book, but the extra expense of adding pictures in the self-publishing process caused me to have to leave them out. This week seems as good as any to re-post the pictures (plus a couple extra) from the original essay that now concludes I’m Not Here to Inspire You. I’m happy to include a video taken by a friend of our family, Michael Avella, just after Team PCAS crossed the finish line. (Michael also participated in the ride with another team, and actually helped my mom navigate her way through trafficafter she provided support for Reid and I at each rest stop throughout the dayjust in time to see us finish.)
Reid, myself, another rider, and Pitzie from PCAS, waiting to start
Just before we started (and before sunrise!).
Reid and I at the first rest stop.
Reid and I at the first rest stop.
Picture from behind of me riding down a stretch of road.
Finding my groove!

A shot of the Causeways from a distance.
The Causeways into Ocean City. Can't say I wasn't warned!
Picture of the second Causeway from afar.
The last obstacle was the biggest. Causeway #2.
Reid, myself, John and Bruce, just after the Causeways.
We made it! This is just after the second bridge.

Team Picture
We stopped for a team picture just after the bridges. Team PCAS – Steve Muth (tandem captain), Dave Neibauer, Fred Neibauer (tandem captain), Reid Overturf (tandem and team captain), Doug McCullough, Bruce Lynsky (team captain), Evan (Fred's friend), James Woodson, Alton Davis, Al Leaf (tandem captain), Rachel Slamon (team captain), Rob Quinn, John Curran, Gavin Kerr (PCAS board member), Dave Bennett (tandem captain), John Siemiarowski (tandem and team captain) and Pat Bost.
Frontal shot of myself, Reid, Bruce, and other PCAS riders, very close to the finish.
The home stretch.

Myself, fist in the air, Reid, and Gavin Kerr, crossing the finish line.
The Mighty Quinn fist pump, as John called it.

Frontal shot of the entire PCAS finishing.
Great shot of Team PCAS finishing strong!
Mom and I hugging after the ride.
Mom was there the whole way, as usual.

Mom, myself, and Reid, just after the ride.
Mom, myself, and Reid, just after the ride.

This short video shows me just after finishing . . . and not wanting to pedal another foot! Michael and others can be heard cheering in the background.
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