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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Every now and then I have to let the sports blogger in me get out.

I think the ‪#‎Sixers‬ are going to blow the draft big time tonight. Sam Hinkie’s incognito act smells of fear to me. I would do anything I could to move up to get Jabari Parker. Joel Embiid seems destined to be the next big man to wear a suit on the bench for the Sixers. Andrew Wiggins has bust written all over him. He wet his pants in the NCAA tournament. And I don’t want to hear about the guy from Australia—nobody knows what he is. That said, I don’t know what you can really do. My guess is they’ll be stuck with Embiid, and hopefully they get lucky at 10. Let’s see some of that genius out of Hinkie!
I’m also guessing the U.S. gets a tie in the dullest soccer game ever against Germany. It’s supposedly raining like crazy and both teams advance with a tie—great tournament, by the way. Advance by tying!

Update: I don’t want to put too many posts up about sports, but I have to rant some more about the Sixers. What the Sixers did last night is absurd. Hinkie’s plan seems to be to permanently put success off into the future and to give fans a reason to be happy they’re losing. Maybe that’s his genius—he’s found a way to make losing palatable. They had picks 3 & 10 and come away with two guys who have absolutely no hope to play on opening night, and probably won’t play all year??? Are you f’in’ kidding me? Another year of tanking? They actually draft Russ Smith, who was a winner in college and might be a little bit worth watching, and they traded him for a guy they traded last year. Absolutely absurd. If you pay to go to the Sixers game next year YOU ARE A SUCKER!
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