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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Latest article on the Huffington Post Impact section: Taking the ADA Out to the Ballgame

Here’s a link to my latest article on the Huffington Post Impact section: Taking the ADA Out to the Ballgame, I was very happy to get to interview Greg Smith, a strong voice in the disability community who I’ve followed since before following was something you did on social media, about his ADAFanCam initiative.

I actually interviewed Smith back in 1999 about his syndicated radio show on disability issues for a regular article I was writing as a freelancer for the Philadelphia Inquirer covering the disability community. The article about the only show on radio discussing disability issues at the time was rejected because it wasn’t a local story even though the show was available online, which obviously included the Philadelphia area. For various reasons, it turned out to be the last article I submitted for the column.

I tried to come “full circle” in a way by submitting this article to the Inquirer, but it didn’t quite work out. (I knew it was a long shot this time around as I have not worked for them in years even as a freelancer.) Efforts to localize the story with a quote from the Phillies were also unsuccessful. However, I really appreciate the efforts of several people who tried to help me out on both fronts.

This is a great initiative. I really hope people get behind it.
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