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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reaction to the The Birth Super Crip

Here’s a taste of what people are saying about The Birth of Super Crip:
“It is a great, really great story. . . . I love the narrative. I think [Rob] did a great job with the language and with the characterization. I like Red enormously, and I very much like his brother and his mother. And the doctor, who is also a great character. The storyline advances in ways that are very engaging.” --Maxwell King, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Foundation, former Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer

“[The novel] will help young readers more readily appreciate and accept classmates and others with disabilities.” --PA Senator Thomas McGarrigle

Reviews from Amazon customers:

“Great story with lots of twists and turns and a very unique main character. It allows the reader to see things from the perspective of a person with a disability, but to realize [that] perspective is also one of a human being with many abilities! As an added bonus, Rob Quinn has an amazing talent for writing dialogue. I especially loved the banter between Red and his brother. Overall, this is an exciting, page-turning story with a great deal of insight!”

“Quinn’s attention to detail is excellent . . . I found myself visualizing exactly what he was describing in Red’s movements from my own knowledge of CP. Red’s feelings about his disability . . . are spot on . . . I think this book needs the attention of both audiences: disabled and non-disabled. And, most certainly, teachers.”
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“The novel is funny, suspenseful, and well-written, and the characters are richly drawn. Young teenagers and adults too will enjoy.”

“Loved it! I recommend it for young people—for fun and to increase their empathy. Would be a great aid in teaching about bullying, too.”
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