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Monday, September 19, 2016


I’ve added the Disqus commenting system to the blog to allow for reader feedback. For more information on the system, go to the Disqus site. The system allows readers to comment using various social media accounts or an account with their site. Besides their rules, I have a few of my own:

  • Rob J. Quinn reserves the right to delete comments and/or block individuals from commenting for any reason.

  • Do not post spam.

  • Do not post copyrighted material.

  • Do not post any type of offensive material.

  • Do not post any type of racism or any other type of prejudiced comments against a group of people.

  • Do not post personal attacks.

  • Do not post personal information of anyone, including yourself. (This includes your e-mail address—you’ll end up with spam from others.)

  • Do not write a blog post of your own as a comment. Keep it short. Rare exceptions may be allowed.

  • Keep comments on the topic of the post to which you are responding.

  • Comments can be used for promotional purposes by Rob J. Quinn.

  • Rob J. Quinn is not responsible for the comments of others.

  • Commenters agree not to hold Rob J. Quinn responsible for any type of legal issues resulting from their posted remarks on this site.

  • Promotional posts for Rob J. Quinn’s books are essentially advertising. Do not post comments disparaging the books in any way. There are plenty of other avenues available to readers to critique my work.

These rules are meant to be basic guidelines to cover me from any legal problems. The above list is not meant to be comprehensive and can change at any time. I’ve added the commenting system in an attempt to have a more fun, engaging site. I know comments can get heated at times. Please just use common sense and be courteous. Thank you.

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